Annabelle Hardie

Annabelle Hardie

Frequently Asked Questions

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If a piece is sold out on the website, will it be available again?

Most of my pieces are limited editions and some are one offs. If you see that something is sold out, please drop me a line and I can arrange to get it to you ASAP as long as the materials are still available. If the piece is specified as one off, I can try and do something similar for you at no extra cost.

Do I do custom made bridal pieces?

I sure do! Please email me to get the ball rolling! I also offer very reasonable bridesmaid, mother-of-the-bride, and groomsmen accessories.

Do I wholesale to shops?

Yes I do, please get in touch for a linesheet. If you would like to see a list of my current stockists take a look at the Stockists tab.

What is my jewellery made of and where does it come from?

I source most of my materials from local, small Spanish businesses to ensure top knotch quality and originality. All of the tassels I use are uncrushable and are made here in Spain. My raffia I source from an old espadrille shop in the centre of Madrid, they have been importing it from Africa for many, many moons.

All findings, chains (minus the odd vintage one), most earrings backs and jump rings are stainless steel to stop any tarnishing, marking of your skin and to stop any possible irritation of sensitive skin.

Most of the studs and frames are made from brass with a good quality varnish that I have found doesn’t easily irritate skin, however you if have very sensitive skin, you can request a gold or sterling silver bath. I work closely with two Spanish brothers in a studio here in Madrid who do any precious metal work for me.

How can look after my pieces?

I want my designs to last as long as possible and since they are delicate handcrafts, there are some things you can do to take good care of them.

  • Keep them in an airtight box away from direct sunlight. The drier the climate, the better as moisture tarnishes gold, rose gold, sterling silver and brass.

  • Use their protective pouches when traveling and pack them flat in a well padded spot.

  • If your accessory has raffia or feathers, you can easily straighten them out and put them back into shape with a GHD hair straightener. Alternatively you can use a low heat iron, but with a protective fabric in between.

  • Moths love feathers and silk so keep those accessories in a place where they can’t munch away at them!

How can I clean my pieces naturally?

If your accessory has brass elements you can use Brasso to clean and protect it. The same goes for sterling silver plated pieces, just use Silvo, but if you aren’t into chemicals here is a natural option…

  • Mix 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate soda with the juice of half a lemon into a paste.

  • If your piece is completely brass and doesn’t have any tassels, fabric feathers, crystals or stones, place your pieces directly into the paste and leave them soaking for around 30 mins. To get into all the grooves, use a spare toothbrush to polish the pieces until you can see that they are perfectly clean. Then rinse them in water and using a cloth or towel dry and polish them, so that there are no water marks left behind.

  • If your pieces have other adornments such as tassels, stones etc, polish the brass pieces with the same paste with a toothbrush being careful not to get any on the tassels, fabric or feathers. Once clean, rinse the brass parts in water and using a cloth or towel dry and polish them, so that there are no water marks left behind.